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$89 / Month*
$1499 / Year**Dental
  • Dental Office
  • Single Location
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$99 / Month*
$1699 / Year**Medical
  • Medical Office/Clinic
  • Single Location
  • Up to 20 Employees
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*One-time setup fee applies. **Annual pricing includes one-time setup fee.

Additional locations are an additional monthly fee. Sales tax may apply.
Call for pricing for other types of healthcare providers, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, etc.

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What's Included?

LayerCompliance®is an online HIPAA security management tool that includes:

Risk Assessment

A HIPAA risk assessment based on your type of organization.

Risk Analysis

A tool that helps practices perform an independent review of HIPAA requirements and potential risks to electronic protected health information.

Security Options

Optional security measures for review that can help to reduce the practice’s overall risk.

Policies & Procedures

Tailored policies and procedures based on your risk analysis and selected security options.


Document HIPAA compliance activities, including the implementation of security policies and measures.

Risk Management

A tool to assist your ongoing, monthly assessment of HIPAA security requirements and facilitate documentation of your HIPAA security activities.

Business Associate Assessments

Business associate assessments, based on type of service provided, and agreement sample.

HIPAA Training

Unlimited, online HIPAA training tailored for staff roles and your policies.

Live Support

Unlimited live support by phone, email and online chat.

Why do you Charge a Setup Fee?

The setup fee includes tailoring of your HIPAA security compliance program, which includes the following:

Risk Assessment

Risk Analysis Tool

Security options based on your assessment and risk analysis

Most of our clients complete their assessment and receive their risk analysis within the first 60 days of the program.

Why do you Charge a Monthly Fee?

LayerCompliance® provides more than a one-time checklist or audit. Implementing security measures, continual assessment of your overall risk, and maintaining your documentation is necessary. LayerCompliance® provides the tools to facilitate your ongoing assessment and documentation of HIPAA activities throughout the year.

Implementation and Policies & Procedures

Your first implementation plan, and accompanying policies and procedures, are provided once you've selected your security options, usually within the first 60 days of starting the program. This is the foundation of your ongoing HIPAA program.

Risk Management

HIPAA requirements must be assessed continually, and the monthly risk management tool helps you:

  • Assess changes to your organization
  • Document ongoing HIPAA activities
  • Update policies and procedures if necessary

Customer Support

  • Live support by phone, email and online chat
  • Unlimited customer support included in monthly fee

HIPAA Training

  • Annual HIPAA privacy and security training
  • Based on specific roles
  • Tailored to your polices
  • Unlimited – for new hires or staff turnover

Can I Cancel my Service?

Our service is sold as an annual term; however, our direct clients can cancel at any time, although a cancellation fee equal to one month of service applies if the subscription is cancelled before the end of the one-year term. See the terms of service provided with your order form for full details.

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