Take a Closer Look at your HIPAA Program

Risk Analysis

LayerCompliance® provides a HIPAA risk analysis tool to help you perform an independent assessment of the impact, threat, and risk of natural, human, and environmental risks to your organization’s electronic protected health information (EPHI). Unlike checklists, toolkits, and other products your LayerCompliance risk analysis includes information to help you identify reasonable security measures for your organization.

Policies & Procedures

The policies and procedures generated by LayerCompliance for your organization are based on your risk analysis and selected security measures. As your organization changes, LayerCompliance will identify changes that you may need to make to your security policies to assist you with maintaining up-to-date policies. Most policies and procedures offered by other companies are templates or guides for you to develop your organization’s policies on your own.


LayerCompliance provides you with an implementation plan tool based on your risk analysis and selected security options. In addition, LayerCompliance is a centralized platform that can facilitate your documentation of HIPAA activities. With do-it-yourself kits, you must develop and track your implementation manually.

Risk Management

LayerCompliance contains a dynamic risk management tool that is based on your risk analysis and policies. Your LayerCompliance risk management plan facilitates your ongoing assessment of HIPAA requirements and documentation of HIPAA activities. If you don’t have a risk management process in place, or are using spreadsheets to track compliance, LayerCompliance can help.

HIPAA Training

LayerCompliance includes unlimited, online HIPAA training for all staff members, not a per-seat cost like other services. If you hire employees during your subscription, you don't have to pay additional fees for training new staff members..

Live Support

LayerCompliance includes unlimited live support for users. Other services charge additional fees or only provide support for higher tiers of service. Our team is ready to assist you.

Affordable Pricing for Any Organization

$89/month for dental* $99/month for medical*

*Price for single location. Does not include one-time set-up fee. Additional fees apply for multiple locations.

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