Why a Digital Binder?


 Instant Access

No need for multiple binders. Easily access your policies, task lists and training for OSHA, HIPAA, CPR Management and Health Care Billing compliance programs from one dashboard.


 User Friendly

Stop searching through pages of regulations to determine which ones apply to your organization. With straightforward yes or no questions, the LayerCompliance platform generates tailored policies and procedures that fit your compliance program needs based on your answers.



Have more than one location? Perform different services at each? Not a problem. With LayerCompliance, you can manage multiple clinic locations from one dashboard and keep everyone on task.


 Automatic Reminders

Can’t remember when a staff member’s CPR certification is set to expire? Worried that you have missed a compliance deadline? Through the LayerCompliance dashboard, users receive automatic notifications of important tasks that need to be completed.


 Digital Tracking

No need to rely on paper checklists. LayerCompliance generates simple, easy-to-follow digital checklists, which allow you to track what has been completed and what is still due for each compliance program– all at your own pace.